Bills 17, Jets 14

Another disappointing loss in Buffalo. What else is there to say?

It’s amazing–just when you think this team is poised to make a little run and make things interesting, they throw in a dud of an effort. They made Bills QB Trent Edwards look like Jim Kelly, and they couldn’t pressure him enough to make any big mistakes. Marshawn Lynch had an ordinary game, but the Bills offense did enought to win–that’s the bottom line.

On offense, Chad Pennington had an otherwise great day (32 for 39, 290 yards, 1 TD), but he threw two bad interceptions, the second one cinching the game for the Bills. That last one personified the problem with not having a deep passing game–the Bills secondary clogged up the middle and forced Chad to throw to the outside, and he just doesn’t have enough zip on the ball to get it to his man. However, the loss is not totally his fault. Thomas Jones only ran the ball 12 times, so there was no ground game to speak of. Also, Mike Nugent missed that field goal before halftime which would have given the Jets some momentum.

The Jets are not playing with any spark right now. They’re 1-3, and let’s face it, if they don’t get on any kind of run beginning next week versus the Giants, the season will be over very soon.