Brett Favre Is The Newest Member Of The Jets

favre1.jpgAs if the whole world was not already sick of the Brett Favre story, now he is officially a member of the New York Jets. Favre was acquired by New York today in exchange a conditional pick. According to, the selection would turn into a third-rounder if Favre plays in 50 percent of the plays this season, a second-rounder if he plays in 70 percent and the Jets make the playoffs, or a first-round pick if he plays in 80 percent and the Jets make it to the Super Bowl.

The rumor is that already 3,000 jerseys have been sold online of Favre and his new #4.

Congrats (again) to the Giants!

Belichick scurries back to the hole he climbed out ofWhod’ve thunk it? The Giants somehow, someway beat the Patriots! This was not a fluke of a victory–no bad calls, no incredible gaffes, etc. The Giants EARNED this win by outplaying the supposedly immortal Patriots in every phase of the game.

For Jet fans, I think we have to be pleased for the Giants. They beat our most hated rival (sorry, the Dolphins no longer own that moniker), and they made Bill Belichick look like a bigger jerk than he already is. I loved the postgame interview with Chris Myers–he could barely get the words out of his mouth because he was so stunned at what happened to him and his team.

Watching the way the Giants played has given me some hope for the Jets’ future, as well as a blueprint for them to follow. First, they need to give Kellen Clemens every opportunity to succeed. As we have seen with the Giants, they stuck with Eli Manning through thick and thin, and now look at the payoff. Can Clemens emulate Manning? It’s too early to tell, but the Jet organization has to turn the page on Chad Pennington and go with Clemens for a while.

Next, the Giant defensive line demonstrated that in order to win, you need to put pressure on the quarterback. As we well know, the Jets had an anemic pass rush last season, and that should be the focus of their offseason efforts, along with improving the offensive line.

Last, but not least, the Giants showed us that if you believe in yourself and play with passion, you can overcome any obstacles. The “cerebral” approach by Belichick and the Patriots has been successful, no question about it. However, when it comes down to one game, you have to want it more than your opponent, and the Giants showed that this game meant everything, and they played like it.

My hat’s off to the Giants, and next season can’t come soon enough!

P.S. Speaking of the Patriots, Gary Myers reports that Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel may be an acquisition target for the Jets. Teaming him up with Darelle Revis would make the Jet secondary one to be reckoned with.

What’s a Jet fan to do today?

fan-club-large.jpgI’ve kind of laid low the last week or so because, frankly, what is there for a Jet fan to say about the Super Bowl? The contest is between two of your most “hated” rivals–the Patriots and the Giants. Whichever team wins will surely be a thorn in our collective sides, correct?

Well, first and foremost I am a football fan, and I would never miss the game despite not having a dog in the fight, unlike other Jet fans who “claim” they will not watch the game whatsoever. (Yeah, sure.) Jeez, the commercials and Tom Petty should be worth at least a look, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I’m rooting for the Giants today, even though I think the Pats will win. I just want to see Bill Belichik’s arrogant smirk wiped off of his face, and nothing would please me and many millions of fans more than seeing him leave the field in tears.

After the game, it’ll be back to business for all NFL teams, including the Jets. Free agent signings and roster decisions will be made soon, and there will be increased speculation as to who will be picking who in the upcoming draft. There surely will be a lot of Jet news in the next few weeks, and I vow to be on top of it.

Joe Willie likes Eli and the Giants

Broadway Joe likes the GiantsYou just knew that the guy who fashioned the greatest upset in Super Bowl history would be backing the guy who is now trying to lead another upset over an overwhelming favorite in this Sunday’s contest.

Our old pal Joe Willie Namath says that he likes what he’s seen from Eli Manning and his Giants, and believes they are certainly capable of beating the Patriots on Sunday. He adds that Eli’s easygoing temperament will help him during the game because he won’t get too rattled or too excited as the contest progresses.

If anyone knows about how to overcome incredible odds, it’s Joe Willie. If he thinks Eli Manning has the “right stuff” to lead his team to victory, we should at least give it some credence.

Will the Jets stand pat at #6?

nfl_draft_06.jpgWe’re still not even through the “in-between week” of the Super Bowl frenzy and already there is a lot of buzz and speculation as to what may happen at the upcoming NFL Draft.

There’s been quite a bit of talk that the Dolphins will look to deal the No. 1 pick because their executive vice president of football operations, our old pal Bill Parcells, believes that the team has just too many needs at too many positions and that the organization would be better off by dealing the pick to get more picks.

In addition, there have been some rumors floating around that the Cowboys may look to trade way up in the draft because they are enamored of Arkansas running back Darren McFadden, who is projected to be a top 5 pick.

So where does this leave the Jets, who are currently in the number 6 slot in the first round? At this point, I say they should stand pat. The Jets have three major areas that need addressing — defensive line, offensive line, and wide receiver.

Since there are no standout receivers projected to go in the top 10, it boils down to lineman. The Jets already have a top 5 (number 4 in the draft) offensive lineman in D’Brickashaw Ferguson, who hasn’t exactly lived up to his billing as of yet, though he’s only been in the league two years. I just don’t see the Jets picking another offensive lineman that high in this draft–I can see them going for one in the second round as well as pursuing free-agent options.

That leaves the defensive line, and I’ve been on the Chris Long (Virginia) bandwagon, although he may get chosen before he drops to number 6. However, there are a few other standout defensive lineman that will be available, including LSU’s Glenn Dorsey, USC’s Sedrick Ellis, and Ohio State’s Vernon Gholston. So, the chances are that at number 6, a blue-chip defensive lineman will be sitting there waiting to be chosen, and the Jets would be wise to go that route.

Although if somehow, someway McFadden drops down to number 6, it would be tempting for the Jets to snap him up, the fact is that they don’t need another running back. Plus, they should resist the notion of trading up to get someone–you’re going to have to get rid of multiple picks to do it, and the team has too many holes to fill. If another team lower in the first round comes along with an offer that entails swapping first-round picks as well as getting the Jets either a high second-round choice OR a player that can step into the lineup (like a wide reciever), that might be worth entertaining.

But for the time-being, the Jets should be content to stay at number 6 and look to draft someone that can help them right away.

Chad Pennington — the $6 million backup QB?

The $6 million backup?There are a number of quarterbacks who may be playing for new teams next year, including Derek Anderson, Rex Grossman, Daunte Culpepper, J.P. Losman, Donovan McNabb (though that seems more unlikely) and, of course, Chad Pennington.

Despite what Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum said recently when he opined that Chad will compete for the starting QB position next season in training camp, it wouldn’t make any sense for the team to keep him since he is on the books for $6 million in salary. How would the Jets look if Kellen Clemens beats out Chad and then you wind up with a $6 million backup? Pretty foolish, if you ask me as well as many other Jet fans.

As I’ve said here before time and again, the Jets have to move Chad Pennington. They can certainly get at least a third-round, maybe even a second-round, pick for him. They can go out and sign someone who will come in as the definite backup to Clemens (Kerry Collins might be worth a shot) and then you can work to fill in the other holes the team has. Is that so hard?

Bullet Points, Vol. 19

  • Bill Callahan now part of the Jet coaching staffThe Jets have officially hired former Oakland Raider and Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan to be an assistant head coach and to take charge of the running game. Nothing wrong with the organization bringing in skilled and experienced coaches to get the players to work on and improve their technique, especially as far as the offensive line is concerned. Hopefully, the Jets will look to acquire an offensive lineman or two so that the running game will be more consistent as well as do a better job of protecting the quarterback.
  • In a recent radio interview Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson says he felt unappreciated by the organization and said he would welcome a trade. Head coach Marvin Lewis said that Johnson isn’t going anywhere. However, this could be an opportunity for the Jets to swoop in and make the Bengals a solid offer of a couple of picks to get Johnson. The Bengals are a notoriously cheap franchise, and if there was any way they could rid themselves of a major, costly headache, they would likely jump at the chance. Yes, Chad Johnson is a MAJOR headcase, but he’s also a talented receiver, and he would add a spark and big-play capabilities to the Jet offense. The Jets should at least explore the idea of trading for him. It can’t hurt.
  • Thet Jets signed safety Etienne Boulay of the Montreal Alouettes the other day. Boulay is five-foot-nine and 187 pounds and was a starter in the Alouettes’ secondary this past season. I’m not sure why the organization would look to sign players from a clearly inferior league to a roster spot. Sure, you need bodies and there’s always the possibility of finding a diamond in the rough, but signings like this are really wastes of time.

Congrats to the Giants!

Giants do it!What an unbelievable victory by the Giants! You wouldn’t think a Jet fan would be on the edge of his seat rooting for his team’s crosstown rivals, but my heart was pounding throughout the fourth quarter and overtime. You have to give the Giants organization a lot of credit–they kept plugging away and even when they started the season 0-2, they never gave up and pressed forward and played like champions. Hopefully the Jets will have learned a valuable lesson by watching their co-tenant–you build a good offensive line and run the ball effectively, get receivers who can catch the ball and break tackles, and have a pass rush that puts pressure on the quarterback.

And, most importantly, the Giants stayed with their young quarterback and allowed him to literally grow up before our eyes. Let’s hope the Jets are smart and let Kellen Clemens have a chance to do the same thing over the next couple of years.

Championship Sunday predictions

nflplayoffs1.jpgToday is the big day when we learn who the two Super Bowl teams will be. Hopefully by this time next year the Jets will be in the mix, but that’s another dream for another day. Here are my thoughts on today’s games.

Patriots vs. Chargers — The Chargers are all banged up, with Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and LaDainian Tomlinson nursing injuries. Even if they were healthy, they would have a very hard time keeping up with the Patriots. The Pats have come too far to get derailed now. The Charger defense, improved over the years, will not be able to contain the Pats’ passing game. Tom Brady knows when to throw the ball and who to throw it to, and the Charger secondary will not be able to contain Randy Moss for an entire 60 minutes. The only chance the Chargers have, and it’s a very small one at that, is to keep the ball on offense for long periods of time and tire the old Pat defense out, but they have to score at every opportunity, because the Pats will. Patriots 34, Chargers 17.

Packers vs. Giants — Although I am a Jet fan, I’ve always had a healthy respect for the Giants. They are a better-run organization, and they are competitive every single year. This is going to be a hard game for Big Blue. They’re going into a buzzsaw in Green Bay, and the frigid conditions won’t make things any easier. The Packers have been the Cinderella story all season long, and Brett Favre has never played better than he has this season. The Giants will need to put pressure on Favre and force him into mistakes, which he is prone to do on occasion. Offensively, the Giants will have to run the ball well and not make Eli Manning have to win the game on his own. It’s better that he is in a position to manage the game as he has the past few weeks than have him do it alone. Favre can, but Eli can’t–at least not now. I’m going to root hard for the Giants, but the Packers are on a roll, and Favre can smell the finish line. Packers 24, Giants 16.

Kyle Brady relives his Jet days

Kyle Brady in the old daysToday’s New York Post has a little piece on Patriots tight end Kyle Brady who, of course, we all remember was a Jet tight end who was picked number 9 overall in the 1995 draft under the Rich Kotite regime.

I remember watching the draft on ESPN and I can remember screaming at the television screen for the Jets to take Warren Sapp at that slot. Sapp was sliding down the draft because of rumours of drug use in college–although those rumours were never quite substantiated, he eventually was selected by the Bucs at number 12.

The Jets defense needed an overhaul, and Sapp would have been the cornerstone of that rebuilding project. But, for whatever reason, the Jets selected Brady, and he turned out to be a good blocker but not much of a pass-catching threat. 

In the story, Brady blames some of his struggles on not having a tight ends coach and playing on every special teams unit that exhausted him throughout the season.

Granted, the Jets were in serious disarray back then, but it’s a bit disingenuous for Kyle Brady to make these comments now, particularly since he’s a member of an undefeated team and is far from being one of its focal points. The fact is that the Jets overreached in picking him as high as they did back in 1995, and the expectations that come with that attention were certainly not met.

Kyle Brady should thank his lucky stars for being in the position he’s in now and not dredge up his past issues because he certainly didn’t do anything to justify his lofty status.